Hi, I’m Praise. I’m an…

Entreprenuer & Relevance Strategist.

I've had my fair share of failures in businesses. Expreriences from these have strengthened my resolve on the journey to building successful & phenomenal enterprises that solve problems, create jobs & outlive me.

I’m not exactly big on titles; I’m currently a major team-player at Base XII & building ShareSell. I listen to & advise entrepreneurs, businesses & culture-shapers, when asked.

More About Me

With the help of my teams...

I’ve built businesses from 0 – millions (maybe dollars). At some point or the other while building, I’ve had to take on roles demanded by business growth. As a result, I safely fit into any role, but I’ve moderately articulated my forte below:


My results are insight-driven & border on innovation.


I could be a deep thinker, sometimes... Share in my thoughts on Faith, Life & Business.


Bants & Hot Takes with some of your favorite people...

Listen Soon

Aside from work, I enjoy good music. Although I’d readily choose live concerts/performances over studio recordings, my preferred genres are R&B and Soul with a pinch of AfroPop. Good food, good food, good food, count me in on that always. I enjoy spending quality time with family (and friends turned family). In my leisure, I listen to audiobooks, watch Instagram skits, take long walks and seldom hit the gym. I also engage on my Twitter & Instagram – sometimes catching cruise, sometimes learning/teaching something new.

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